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For the past 3 and half years I have been praying for a job opening in my company that would lessen my 50 minute commute and to put me back in a salary position. During Wednesday night prayer, at Pastor Mike's leading, we focused our prayers intently for jobs, finances, bonuses, etc. The very next day at work a new job opened up in Aurora, IL; I responded immediately to express my interest! Two weeks later I met with the manager who flew in with an offer letter. Incidentally, I had asked God some years ago for a job that would be a salary position and where I could be self-directed on my job. This is exactly what I am going to be doing! This position exceeds what the previous position would have offered me. Thank you God for answered prayer! I am blessed so that I can be a blessing to the Kingdom of God! T.M. 


For five months I was in need of a new job, I searched and put in multiple applications and there was no responses. But I continued to trust and believe that God would provide the perfect job for me. I kept tithing and giving offering and trusting in God even more by increasing my offerings. I applied for one more job after that and I got a call 15 minutes after submitting it and I got an interview and the job. I have been there for only a month now and there are already plans for advancements. God is so good and when you put your full trust in him he will always provide. B.J. Age 21


My patient has cancer of the throat and has been in severe pain. His wife warned me that he was at his meanest behavior because of the pain. I asked the patient if I could pray for him but he could only nod. I prayed asking the Lord for healing and as I left he was already beginning to talk again. I did the same thing the next day & also added him to the River of Life prayer chain. By Monday, our office scheduler asked me what I did to the patient cause he got better! He was able to sleep well and even went out with his wife to the grocery store! His wife texted me testifying that her husband was improving across the board doing things he was not able to do prior to prayer!  G.D.

I have diabetes and one of my toes was amputated. While my toe has still been healing there has been some lingering infection and I've been afraid that there would be more amputation. I went to church, got prayer and after seeing my doctor for a follow-up he said the infection is now gone! Now I can go back to church to praise God! God still heals now. L.R.


 "I wish I had church today. "Why?" asked Mom. "Because every time I empty my bucket, church fills it up." B.T. Age 7 


I was having a terrible ankle pain and a swelling in my foot. The pain can be so bad that I've had a hard time walking. It so happened that one evening while my daughter attended FIREHOUSE Childrens Outreach at River of Life my leg had so much pain that I had to sit down. Pastor Nancy asked the FIREHOUSE Kids to pray for me. I have never seen kids pray like this with such power; I felt something falling on me like Heaven's Rain. The next morning I woke up and there was no pain! I could put weight on my weak foot again. Jesus completely healed me on that day! I thank God for the FIREHOUSE Kids and to those Pastors who work hard to train these kids in the right direction with God's wisdom. D.G.


I just wanted to say what a powerful message Pastor Nancy preached. Her message was so true and clear. After I got home, I went outside and for no reason, I started pulling out weeds? I realized that's how our life is! Most of us would like to have a nice looking lawn but these weeds keep coming out and sometimes we don't have time to deal with them. Maybe we're not in the mood, or just too tired. Those weeds are so tough; sometimes we'd like to just call and have someone else take care of the problem! The message showed me that this was just like my life. Not devoting enough of myself or time to God prevents me from getting rid of these weeds. Whenever I need help, or guidance there you are Pastors and Prayer Warriors, you are like the lawn company that comes out! Thank you for the Message! Thank you Lord! E.R.


My girls are learning from the Ministry to have giving hearts. On a regular basis they are offering their allowance, taking pride in giving; they are learning that contributing is giving them the sense of belonging and ownership. They understand that contributing makes God happy and that it also helps our church do what needs to be done. It's also building their faith to trust God for His provision because when they give they say. "I'm giving it all because I know I'll get more next week."  S.G.




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