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Tag-Team Testimonies:


I have learned what "in context" in the bible means. Pastor Nancy always adds relevant questions to help understand The word & to apply it. 


Tag-Team preaching stirs me to be more purposeful in my actions and more aware of God going before us and keeping our backs covered. My hope and faith keep growing. S.S.


Through a friend I heard of River of Life. The Sunday service Tag-Team preaching, expository teaching, its practical application, and the revival preaching of the Word, ended my search for a church.


Tag-Team preaching has allowed me to be continually transformed IN HIM, at River of Life. I have learned what it is to be a functioning part of the Body of Christ. 


River of Life has revealed so many things to my family. Tag-Team preaching is life-changing. They have taught us to "reset our preset."


If you had asked me 2 years ago if I could pray for a person or pray spontaneously in public, I'd rather have had all my teeth pulled. But the Tag-Team preaching as equipped us to be bold in praying for people. G.D.


A fresh breathe has come to me in the messages that have been coming from River of Life in the last year. 


Pastor Mike and Nancy complete each other and that is seen as the message is brought forth. A unique voice is being heard. At times with great humor and at other times with great depth. I love it!  


The research that Pastor Mike does reflects in the message. To get the Jewish perspective of the Word has brought us to a depth in the Lord that I have not heard from anyone before. It brings a greater hunger to know my God more. It changes the way I pray and the way I look at things.


Sometimes I just don't realize that the prayers I have prayed in the past were not based on sound understanding. I feel I can now pray with greater authority and strength. I am so grateful to be in a church body like River of Life! T.M.



Every week Pastors Mike & Nancy bring the Word of God in a way that is refreshing, life-changing, at times even challenging in a positive sense. Since 1996 Pastors Mike & Nancy have been teaming together, preaching revival messages that have been described as "fore-runner" or "pioneering."


Their "TAG TEAM" preaching style causes believers to be transformed & equipped with a sense of humor & conviction that brings freedom in many areas of one's life. Marriages have been saved and restored, miracles of healing are often witnessed. Adults & Children alike are raised up to love God, love the Church & to love the ministry


Pastors Mike & Nancy have preached from the beginning that Jesus is building a church...a church made up of believers who are in awe of Him; restoring honor to His Name.


Pastors Mike & Nancy strive to equip believers to be in-place on-purpose; to be "Overcomers" and to find their place in the Body/Church and to use their faith to do the works of the Kingdom and to become life-producing participants.


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