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Our Pastors

Lead Pastors Michael & Nancy Thomason

Pastor Mike is licensed through Open Bible Standard Churches-Des Moines, IA. Pastor Mike has a strong apostolic/prophetic anointing to teach and preach the Word; with a deep comprehensive understanding of the Jewish perspective and a profound knowledge of history. Because of this Jewish understanding many of Pastor Mike's sermons have brought revelatory break-throughs that bring positive change. Pastor Mike has a heart to reach the lost with the Word and to see Salvation reach out far & wide in our families, communities & the nations.

Pastor Nancy has been ordained through the World Revival Church Network-Kansas City, MO. Pastor Nancy is a prophetic voice among churches today.

Many of her experiences with family, ministry, and her own life have empowered her to speak and preach messages that stir a renewed desire to love God & to desire holiness. Pastor Nancy's message the "The Family Anointing" is life-changing. 

Both Pastors Mike & Nancy have music degrees and have been the substance of River of Life's worship experience. They have successfully written, played and produced several dynamic worship cd's which are all available in our Media Ctr. as well as our online store.



Trinity Broadcast Network - TBN 
WE Worship Encounter 2015 Interview 
with Pastors Mike & Nancy Thomason 


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