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Sundays at 10:00am

Sparks [Newborns through 24 months]

Realizing that children remember what they hear even in infancy, we teach our babies the love of Jesus through reading to them, singing to them and praying for them. Not only are their spiritual needs met, but we have a group of wonderful, nurturing people that minister to their physical and emotional needs as well.


Beacons [2 & 3 year olds] -and- Sonrays [4 & 5 year olds] 

The vision for this age group is to enable the children to learn the Word of God and to experience the power found within. Realizing that children will remember and retain what they learn at an early age, we put in them the reality of Christ, building a foundation of Jesus that they can hold on to and grow in for the rest of their lives. Every child holds within them a spirit that can come alive with the right equipment. We are giving each child that equipment.

The children learn foundational principals like loving God, being thankful, doing what Jesus did, along with many others. The lesson plans that are used to teach the children are filled with Bible stories, memory verses, and “Mission Marches.” Our Light Church teachers are loving dedicated members who are committed to ministering life & the Word to your child. The children will receive a snack and are also given the opportunity to do a craft or project that they can take home to help them remember what they learned during their time at church.


Blazers [6 through 12 year olds]

Each week, a Bible story is brought to life through fun and entertaining ways, such as skits, object lessons, illustrated talks, and role-playing. There are also activities, such as crafts, games, and music that reinforce the lesson. The children are active participants in all aspects of Blazers - sharing testimonies, participating in group discussions, taking the offering, praying for one another, greeting visitors and helping clean up after each service. We want to see children growing in Jesus, in understanding and applying the Word of God, and reaching out to others as servants of Jesus.




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